Turning your compliance into a competitive edge

Enhance your market position as we discreetly identify and report non-compliant competitors


Turning your compliance into a competitive edge

Enhance your market position as we discreetly identify and report non-compliant competitors

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Expertise That Counts

Your Partner for Compliance Solutions

At the forefront of Seller Compliance is Steffen Büchter, an expert with over 15 years of experience as a Product Manager in leading corporations. Steffen, an active online retailer himself, understands the challenges of the fiercely competitive market firsthand.

Our expertise, reliability, and discretion form the foundation of our tailor-made compliance solutions. Collaborating with our specialized partner network, we cover a wide range of compliance topics, securing a significant competitive advantage for our clients.

Our Services

Your Competitive

At Seller Compliance, we focus on giving you a decisive advantage in the competitive online trade. Our expertise lies in the precise identification and reporting of compliance violations of your competitors. Through our detailed market monitoring, we ensure you are always one step ahead.

In addition to reporting violations, we also offer comprehensive support in ensuring your own product compliance. Our approach is to understand current legal requirements and market conditions and position your products accordingly. We use our experience and industry-specific knowledge to minimize potential risks and optimize opportunities in eCommerce for you.

At Seller Compliance, it’s not just about compliance – it’s about your success and market leadership.


Your Benefits with Seller Compliance

Market Position

Experience direct sales growth through our targeted compliance measures. We not only create a fairer competitive environment on Amazon but actively improve your market position. The result is a significant increase in your visibility and sales figures.

Advertising Efficiency

Reduce your advertising costs and enhance the efficiency of your PPC campaigns. Our targeted actions against non-compliant competitors create a clearer and more cost-efficient advertising environment for your products.


Rely on absolute confidentiality in all our services. We protect your data and strategies to securely and discreetly strengthen your market position.


Thanks to our constant market monitoring and in-depth research, we act proactively to keep you one step ahead. As your partner, you leverage the market dynamics to your advantage.


Three steps to your success

Order Submission and Initial Update

After submitting your request through our online form, you will receive a confirmation of your order. We will inform you once the products to be tested have arrived and outline the next steps.

Analysis and Reporting

Our experienced team conducts a thorough examination of the submitted ASINs. Upon identifying violations, we discreetly report them to promote a fair competitive situation.

Results and Our Commitment

After we have reported the violations to Amazon, we continuously monitor the market. Often, we see positive impacts within a few days. In case of delays, we persistently strive for a swift resolution. We regularly keep you informed about the progress and developments. Do you have questions about the process or need help ensuring your product compliance? Do not hesitate to contact us - we are here to help.


Your value, Our promise


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$ 299 Monthly
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Key information at a glance

A compliance report means that we identify potential violations of product regulations on Amazon and submit them for review to Amazon. Our process includes a thorough analysis of your competitors’ products, identification of non-compliance, and formal reporting of these findings to Amazon.

Anonymity is a key aspect of our services. We treat all information with the utmost confidentiality and ensure that our customers’ identities are never disclosed.

Timeframes can vary, but we usually see results within a few days. We keep a daily eye on the market and ensure that all cases are handled appropriately.

Our support focuses on ensuring your product compliance with both market regulations and Amazon’s guidelines. We assist you in reviewing your products to ensure adherence to all relevant regulations. Our focus is on providing you with practical solutions to comply with these regulations.

If no immediate results are to be seen after the initial report, we remain proactive and continue to strive for effective resolution of your concern. We continuously monitor progress and keep you updated on all developments.

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